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Home Study Program - Year 17

Series II Darshans
"The Mind of a Bodhisattva"
(13 weeks)

“We have to spend time cultivating Joy, Bliss, Liberation, Nirvana,
Buddha mind, Christ mind.  The Buddha mind, the Christ mind, these are the same,
they are the mind that has realized the Truth…  You chose in your last lifetime,
perhaps the lifetime before that…  to not take your Nirvana you had earned
but to not be happy until the last one who is suffering is no longer suffering
and so even in this lifetime that has caused you suffering.”  ~ Mafu

In this Empowering Study of the Principles of the Path of a Bodhisattva, Mafu provides tools and reveals secrets for creating Happiness and Peace in our lives by releasing Self judgment through the Universal Law of Self Forgiveness.  Mafu employs Sound, Light Frequency and Meditation to purify Self judgment and dialogues the imperative need to develop and practice Forgiveness and Compassion to clear the pathway to Knowing the Self.  Mafu chants Ancient Mantra and initiates Sacred Meditations for Spiritual Awakening and Peace, creating harmony in our daily lives.

“When you join your life in the Temple with the Master with the life
You have in the world, You are answering the question You gave to yourself
in your last lifetime.  You are fulfilling your Dharma.  This is why it can feel
so good inside You when You are doing it.”  ~ Mafu

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 Week 14  (September 22-28,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 6/3/2006 42 min.
The Buddha Mind: Commitment to Higher Self – Dijeridoo Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Can you imagine the karma you must have to have met the Master in this lifetime?  That is tremendous karma, yes, but we say in having such karma you must not waste it.  You must use Right mindedness all the time.  Be Happy, Be happy to Be..."

In this Darshan, Mafu dialogues the organic experience of Astral Travel with right perspective on the Awakening of Higher Awareness.  Mafu then initiates a Meditation technique engaging the Ida and Pingala nervous system to Awaken Awareness of the Astral body.

 Week 15  (Septemberr 29 - October 5,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 6/4/2006 40 min.
The Mind of a Bodhisattva
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The body itself is resurrected when You Meditate.  It is cleaning up all the karmas that are in your mind when you meditate and getting them as clean as possible and so when you come back from Meditation you integrate from having been the Soul Experiencing itself as Light."

In this Darshan about our Spiritual Path, Mafu dialogues how to transcend the fear of death by cultivating and taking charge of the Buddha/Christ mind to create a memory ability of experiencing the Soul as Light Consciously.  "I will be a journeyer in many realms and I do this for the greater good of the Buddhahood".  Mafu also discusses that the greatest battle to reach the pure level, is the battle with One's Self.

 Week 16  (October 6-12,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 6/5/2006 45 min.
Crystal Pyramid Light Body Meditation Initiation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"I Will Remember How to Practice sitting up out of my body.  I Will remember I Am not alone.  I Am Love."

In this Powerful dialogue on cultivating and caretaking One's own ‘Garden’, One's own Path, Mafu guides a Meditation Initiation with didgeridoo and the Crystal Pyramid of Light emanating from the Third Eye guiding the Astral body to sit up from the physical body while remaining connected through the 'Silver Thread'.

 Week 17  (October 13-19,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 7/25/2005 80 min.
Guru Disciple Relationship Story
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"One meditation missed can mean the difference between one Being Awakening"

In this beautiful Darshan, Mafu shares a lifetime story where He was a disciple living in an Ashram.  With much humor, Mafu describes very poignant teachings He received from His Master through the many trials and tribulations of His Spiritual path.  Mafu guides us to dedicate our daily meditations and practices for the betterment of mankind and the upliftment of our Soul.

 Week 18  (October 20-26,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 7/30/2006 48 min.
The Key to a Happy Life: Ganesha Pyramid of Light Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The human body can blend in anywhere with you, the element is timeless and can not capture you in human life and cause you to avoid difficulties.  This is the key to a happy life, to avoid difficulties."

In this Darshan, Mafu initiates a powerful Throat Chakra Meditation and explains when you have any difficulty in your life, to meditate upon the qualities of Ganesh and to bring our difficulties to Him for Peace.  Mafu also shares that there are 4 most important things to do in your life and He describes how when we pass from this world, we leave through the Throat Chakra.

 Week 19  (October 27 - November 2,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 7/31/2006 69 min.
Meditation for Peace
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"This world will not be destroyed, to this I give you my word.  I know there are other Masters that teach that it will be so they try and protect the bodies of their students.  If the world is going to be destroyed the human body is nothing.  I tell you this world will not be destroyed but your human body is not enough to make the effort to change war.  You must touch in the Spirit, in the Spirit, in the Spirit, in the Spirit, this is what speaks to the Heart of all men and You Are far more potent to speak from your Spirit than any poem you could ever write, any lecture you could ever give, because your Spirit is Pure and You Are Love."

In this profound Prayer Meditation for Peace, Mafu calls upon the leaders of all nations, Spirit to Spirit to answer the Call for Peace.  Mafu teaches of the Great Brotherhood of the Aboriginal Elders and guides a Powerful Meditation combining Sacred Mantras with the Ancient Spirit Sounds of the Didgeridoo.

 Week 20  (November 3-9,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 9/8/2006 60 min.
White Light Tara Goddess Healing Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"As I meditate I become more uplifted from my Root Chakra.  All that does not belong in me flies from me.  All that I am, I become more.  I am Love.  All that I am is Love."

In this Darshan, Mafu guides a powerful healing meditation invoking the healing power of the Goddess Tara to the sound of the Didgeridoo.

 Week 21  (November 10-16,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 5/19/2006 40 min.
Goddess Guide Me – Gate of Life Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"’Goddess guide me’ is written about in your day over and over again.  Some make lyrics, some write books, some chant, some dance.  Goddess is the invocation of Love but also is steady invocation of Mastery…  The Feminine Power is a Beginning Power…  the Masculine power is a created power."

In this Darshan, Mafu dialogues the incredible power and meaning of the Goddess and the term ‘Goddess guide me’ and explains how to direct Chi to flow cleanly through the body in worship of the Goddess.  Mafu explains, when honored, the Goddess is a powerful manifestor.  He then guides a healing meditation and visualization invoking the Power of the Goddess within.

 Week 22  (November 17-23,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 10/22/2006 50 min.
The Dimension of Illumination - Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You have practiced the single most important tool that you have for life and for death or transition.  To the practitioner of Meditation who has by practice learned to stabilize the mind in the presence of anything.  This is the One, who at the time of transition having reviewed the kindly words, having exemplified itself with the sound of Transcendence, having stabilized that Sound and that Vision and that Mindlessness...  This is the One who sits alone or in the presence of those it loves and in Meditation transists from this world into Illumination.  Now your studies of the Book of the Dead become more sincere and the aptitude of Your Meditation is Key.  This is why I call You to the Ashram to practice Meditation."

In this Darshan, Mafu initiates a profound Meditation technique transcending the “Dimension of Blackness into the Dimension of Illumination”, explaining how the Practiced Meditator does not confuse this place with non-existence but rather observes it.  Mafu explains how sleep is essential for stabilizing the mind in Transcendence and sincerely encourages us to “Take care of your relationship to the Guru.  Every day commit a moment to the Love…”.

 Week 23  (November 24-30,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 12/9/2006 60 min.
Be Defined by What I Love – Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"I am either defined by what I love or by what I lack.  Which shall I decide to choose?  The obvious answer is ‘by what I love'.  But am I strong enough to choose that?  If I am not, I am not bad, but I have a lot of work to do.  If I am willing to choose to be defined by what I love, it does not mean I can not still gain.  It simply means I will not ever wonder why and at the end of the day I will be in love with myself and the world around me."

In this beautiful transcendent meditation initiation, Mafu initiates a powerful mantra and chant to the sound of the didgeridoo and guides a healing meditation with the sound of Love.

 Week 24  (December 1-7,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 1/20/2007 42 min.
Breath in Happiness and Love, Breath out Lies and Fear - Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"This is the greatest way to begin to step forward in the path to master the calling death can have.  To master the purification of your thoughts, that all the lies you have ever been taught, you have ever experienced...  breathe out."

In this beautiful Darshan with Mafu signifying the completion of the first year and phase of the Living Book of Enlightenment course of study, Mafu guides a meditation, breathing in Happiness and Love and breathing out lies and fear.  “In order to approach death consciously, you must release the lies and the fear…”.  Mafu chants a beautiful lullaby of ancient mantra to the sounds of the didgeridoo.

 Week 25  (December 8-14,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 11/18/2006 54 min.
The Secret of Manifestation - Part I
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You Are Good. You must change your mind and think for a moment how you got here.  Because this is fantastic, it is a phenomena for your world to end up tonight in My world, for us to come together through the body of my Oracle and through the body of yours."

In this inspirational dialogue, Mafu reveals the Secret and Purpose of Manifestation giving detailed techniques to create all that we desire to manifest in our lives.  Mafu guides a Meditation to identify what we want and fulfill that Vision in our human lives.

 Week 26  (December 15-21,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 12/3/2006 56 min.
The Secret of Manifestation - Part II
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"We start to learn by experience that we are not just our body and in that moment we can begin to choose Happiness.  We can begin to choose when we re-enter our body and come ‘All In’ that we are Happy and when we begin to choose 'I Am Happy' our Soul that has been in every lifetime we have ever been, our mind has changed, our brain has been different, our face has been different but our Soul, born with everything that will ever be and has ever been our Soul, this great computer hears this Command ‘I Am Happy’ and it begins to select what last made you Happy to occur again."

In this remarkable Darshan continuation on the Powers of Manifestation, Mafu gives focus, aphorisms and techniques for Self Empowerment in our Human lives.