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Home Study Program - Year 18

Series II Darshans
"Manifest Destiny: The Vibration of Health, Wealth and Awakening"
(13 weeks)

“I will Meditate now and elevate every cell of my being easily,
constantly, to Financial Prosperity.  And the Universe changes accordingly
to my Conviction Right Now to Attract to myself from the future and from the past,
my Financial Prosperity and Stability.  Easily and Constantly I Meditate Right Now
every cell of my body.  I am Worthy of Financial Stability, this makes me Happy.
Happiness makes me Healthy, I am committed to this.  My Financial Stability means
the Financial Stability of country, of the world, and this makes me Happy,
I am committed to this.  Happiness makes me Peaceful.  I am committed to the Peace
of the World, this makes me Happy.  I am committed to my Financial Prosperity
right now.  I Am Worthy of this.”

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 Week 14  (September 21-27,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 5/11/2008 52 min.
Triangulating the Secret Pyramid Sri Chakra
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"What is the First Law? Self Approval...  Forgiveness of Yourself, Forgiveness of All Others.  What do You so judge that can't possibly be Forgiven by those who Truly Love You."

In this very important Initiation into the Purpose and Properties of the Sri Chakra, Mafu explains how to use the Pyramid Light structure in conjunction with the Breath to Attain the Mystical Awareness of the Sri Chakra.  Mafu also guides a Powerful Technique and Meditation to Attain the Peace of Self Forgiveness through clearing the Chakric Body.

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 Week 15  (September 28 - October 4,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 5/12/2008 75 min.
The Happening Found Inside the Heart
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"I Am not really functioning from the body, it's all an illusion that I'm sitting inside this body.  I Am bigger than your planet.  When you achieve Buddhahood you no longer live in the body, you live with the body.  You respect it, you appreciate it, you look for Peace on Earth For All Living Beings..."

In this detailed understanding of cleansing the Chakric body, Mafu teaches the Movement and Awareness of Chakric Consciousness and shares a powerful technique to attain the pure place of Self Forgiveness cleansing all judgment.  Mafu guides a Light/Sound Meditation for Self Fulfillment, Self Empowerment and Self Love.

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 Week 16  (October 5-11,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 5/18/2008 60 min.
The Mystical Star of Sri Chakra
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You can actually feel the Soul of this space called your Temple.  Its’ own Soul that is somehow rooted into your Soul and your Soul reaches out to it and you are completely connected.  The gaping mouth of the Soul of the sky opens itself to envelop you and if you take it in long enough the magic of the planets and the stars start to move around inside you, around and around.  You understand the feeling of Kundalini, and Shakti causes that life to grow even more."

In this intimate dialogue on the Sri Chakra Power of the Goddess, Mafu guides a special technique to feel the movement of Sri Chakra inside the Heart as it synchronizes with the breath and mind to ignite all aspects of Life.

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 Week 17  (October 12-18,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 5/27/2008 77 min.
The Power of Choice
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You make the difference, not me.  I make a difference because I love you and I cherish you but I don’t come from your world any more.  I am a part of and with your world but you are its humanity and every living being, a grain of sand, one rose petal is counting on you."

In this remarkable dialogue on the Power of Forgiveness and the Manifest Destiny Laws of the Universe, Mafu teaches the Law of Self Approval, the Law of Conviction, the Power of Attraction and the Law of Choice giving specific examples and models of the use and application of these Truths in our daily lives. Mafu then guides a transcendent Sri Chakra Meditation, using Light and Sound activation for the Awareness of Prosperity Consciousness of Abundant Health,
Wealth, and Awakening.

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 Week 18  (October 19-25,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 6/1/2008 60 min.
Lighted Candles Fixity - Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"One must forgive oneself, for disease is made from many things and what you can not forgive you can not heal.  For to heal is to ignore the disease… but to add life where disease has found a place to live.  There are many diseases.  But if you are convicted to forgive yourself and all others, the healer will find in each patient, movement when applying life and will cause that movement to cleanse itself.  Because the greatest ones are the one’s with the power to give life."

In this Darshan, Mafu gives an extraordinary understanding of how The Law of Self Forgiveness when applied to oneself and all others grants a healer the power to give life.  Mafu then guides a fixity mantra meditation employing stringlet music and chakric colors.

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 Week 19  (October 26 - November 1,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 7/5/2008 60 min.
The Power to Choose Life - Part 1
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Right Now this is what Enlightenment looks like...  Forgive.  The more You Forgive there is a darkness that gets removed from the Third Eye and Light starts to be seen and You Can See it Everywhere."

In this expansion on the studies of 'Manifest Destiny', Mafu teaches the Principles and Application of the 'Laws of Choice, Forgiveness and Self Approval'.  Explaning in detail each of these Laws and applying them simply to our human lives, Mafu dialogues the importance of Forgiveness and releasing judgment which brings us to the Realization of our greatest dreams.

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 Week 20  (November 2-8,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 7/6/2008 80 min.
The Power to Choose Life - Part 2
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The way to change those Inner Beliefs is to always think differently and to say 'I Always' because Always is a very Profound word in English.  It's the one that gets used against You, but for the Champions it's the one that gets used in favor of them.  And You Are the Champions."

In this Darshan, Mafu continues expanding His teachings of the Laws of 'Manifest Destiny', and the Laws of Forgiveness, Momentum, Conviction and Attraction.  Mafu discusses in detail the potential of the human brain and guides a Transcendent Meditation activating the Ki energy within and around the body.

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 Week 21  (November 9-15,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 10/2/2008 65 min.
Meditation of the Healer Initiation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Now we listen to Samaveda, the sound of complete Life which is what the power to give Life is born from.  This is all a healer is interested in, is to give Life.  Not to define it, to give it.  To be responsible all the time to give it, to give life.  Any way life will have you, to give it."

In this Darshan, Mafu beautifully explains the nature of a healer is to give life all the time.  He then initiates a sacred Sri Chakra and Third Eye breathing technique to the sounds of the Samaveda.

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 Week 22  (November 16-22,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 10/3/2008 80 min.
Self Forgiveness:  Beacons of Love for Humanity
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"It is very important to not die, when you love.  It is so important that all of you, especially you, you are healers, all of you.  Take the time every day, REALLY...  to Love what you are.  To understand, you REALLY are a Goddess, and God"

In this beautiful, soft dialog, Mafu bathes us in his love and explains the importance of the sincere, daily application of the Law of Self Forgiveness, to our selves and to all others.  This practice will provide for the evading of death and extension of our life to allow us to understand more of what we are as God.

"You are forgiven.  Forgive by loving all of humanity, all things great and small.  Love, Love, LOVE...  this life we are together!  Cherish everything about you, that you can recognize as you, and do not look back unless you can see silver footsteps walking from the past, you can not even think about, but the wisdom to Love everything.  To Forgive and Love everything as God."

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 Week 23  (November 23-29,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 11/10/2008 43 min.
The Empowerment of Self Forgiveness
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"It is an imperative Discipline to Manifest and Attract Consistently.  The Universe will take whatever You want to Attract, wherever Your Passion is the greatest.  And One’s Passion as humans is often what they have buried and not forgiven themselves for or others.  It is so important to them sometimes they hide it."

In this revealing discourse on the imperative Art of Self Manifestation through the Empowerment of Self Forgiveness, Mafu teaches that by using Free Will and Awareness one can create the Joy and Abundance of Sustainable Healthful Longevity, Sustainable Financial Wealth and Sustainable Spiritual Awakening.  Mafu shares a technique to release all judgment by embracing Forgiveness and therefore allowing the Awakening Liberation of Self Love.

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 Week 24  (November 30 - December 6,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 11/22/2008 73 min.
Chakric Sound Activation Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"I Am So Happy, I want only the Best for All Living Beings.  I Accept only the Best for me. I bring from the other side of the veil what is beyond Love.  I Practice Joy.  I release from me into the green grass beneath me to grow and give me life for I Am Worthy of Life.  All living beings are Worthy."

In this very playful Darshan with the Master, He explains how to release the afflictions of the denser human nature through the Mantra of Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace, Happiness and Joy.  Mafu guides a Powerful Light/Sound Transcendent Meditation to enhance Chakric Awareness and experience of the Higher Self.

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 Week 25  (December 7-13,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 12/4/2008 103 min.
The Art of Forgiveness
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"In Meditation tonight we will call to Great Leaders for Peace and Forgiveness."

In this special Darshan from the December 2008 Woman’s Gathering, Mafu teaches of the Consciousness and Power of the Law of Forgiveness and guides a Powerful Meditation Initiation immersing in a Pyramid Structure for Peace.

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 Week 26  (December 14-20,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 1/3/2009 60 min.
Where you put your Focus is what you Create
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Focus only on what you want to be true.  Attract it thru self-forgiveness and then see it.  Write it down.  Be thankful for it.  See it over, over, over again.  Build the momentum of this truth and the soul will accept it, the subconscious will accept it.  Because the subconscious is the slave to what you absolutely focus on.  It is the slave."

In this beautiful, inspiring, New Year Darshan, Mafu gives a powerful and in-depth understanding of how with self-forgiveness and the power of attraction what we put our focus on, we will create.

"Life does not happen to you, karma does not happen to you, it is created by you.  life is created by you...  What do you see for this year to come? ‘I have to solve this problem.’  No!  It is solved if you apply the wisdom...  and the solution will catch up, immediately, with self-forgiveness and the power of attraction, which means you must focus so diligently on what you Want to be the truth, what you Demand to be the truth, of what you Command to be the truth, of what you Know is the truth.  Over and over and over and over again.  And it will also catch up.  Know this wisdom above all wisdom.  For this is the way.  The only way."

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