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The Foundation for Meditative Studies is pleased
to announce the 12th year of GuruDev Isa Mafu's Online Home Study Program
beginning on Mafu's 29th Anniversary - June 22, 2015.

This year we are presenting a four-part series over the course of 52 weeks in the ongoing study of this path of Self realization with our beloved Guru. The description of each series follows:

Series I - Satyam Nadam: The Temple of the Heart  (13 weeks)

"When you are Happy, Spirit enters your body alert and alive because the densest emotion of Spirit is Happiness and Joy.  The highest emotion of human is Happiness and Joy, Compassion, Peace.  When you are Happy, you do crazy things.  You take ridiculous risks... You will sing loudly when others will hear you.  You will dance with your Beloved in the middle of the marketplace, so Happy!  It is because Spirit has entered your body.  Your Spirit, You, and it is in a human body, and it is so Happy.  It wants to make Love and to Laugh, to Dance.  It wants to give Love, to give Love, to give Love, to give Love."   ~ Mafu

In our Beginning Series for 2015, Sri Gurudev Isa Mafu teaches that to Know our ‘Spirit Self’, is to understand the simplicity and grandeur of the nature of Spirit as found in all aspects of the Self.  Mafu further initiates us into the Ancient Secrets of the Vedas and teaches that the densest aspect of Spirit is unconditional Happiness and Joy, Compassion and Peace, and that these qualities are Spirit Nature’s ‘starting point’.

Series I - Titles

     1)    The Hidden World of Self: Why Mafu Has Come
     2)    The Flow of Thought Frequency As Cosmic
     3)    The Purpose of Man, Meditation - Part 1
     4)    The Purpose of Man, Meditation - Part 2
     5)    The Awakening Spirit of the Higher Nature
     6)    The Emerald Green Heart Chakra Meditation
     7)    The Happening Found Inside the Heart
     8)    The Empowerment of the Law of Self Approval
     9)    Paramatman: The Supreme Self
   10)    The Ancient Master Young Seeker Meditation
   11)    The Happiness of Spirit
   12)    The Holy Spirit of Love
   13)    Satyam Nadam: The Temple of the Heart

Series II - Forgiveness: The Harmony of Spirit  (13 weeks)

"Invest your mind in Clarity and so be Truthful.  Be Truthful.  Be Happy.  Forgive every moment this comes up, that comes up.  Forgive.  Forgive.  And be Forgiven.  To be Forgiven is not a tap on the head from someone else ‘I Forgive You’.  To be Forgiven is a recognition of harm done, a softening of Forgiveness for yourself, for appreciation and gratitude to the other for having been a great teacher to you, to have shown you the way to patience and kindness, Love, Joy.  The Way of a Yogi, of a Yogini, the Way of Yoga, Communion, rests in the Heart of the Disciple and is pulled in all directions, much more if you allow it to happen, than your bills, because they will vanish surely and slowly.  But you are taking up a New Sport and it’s the only Sport that will get you where you want to go.  To be a more happy Mother, to be a stronger, more sensitive Father perhaps.  To be a loving, tendering daughter or son perhaps, partner, husband or wife perhaps."   ~ Mafu

In this series GuruDev directs our focus to the essential principles of Forgiveness, Surrender and Self Acceptance and explains how these principles are imperative to releasing our negative human conditioned responses, and creating Happy emotional and Spiritual lives.  Mafu grants the teachings of the Universal Laws of Attraction, Self Love and Gratitude as they are applied to Forgiveness of our self and all others.

Series III - Veda Bindu: The Eyes of the Soul  (13 weeks)

"This is why, of each Principal that you will study, that you have studied, that you have felt the Whisper Inside You of, there is always ‘Satyam Nadam’.  The Temple is the Heart, the Seat of the Consciousness, the Seat of the Soul.  Bindu, this is the eyes of the Soul, that which sees the Truth."    ~ Mafu

In this series GuruDev invites us to examine the Chakric System as given purely in the Ancient Vedas.  Mafu teaches the relationship between the Spirit, the Soul and the Chakric Consciousness System as they affect and relate to our Dharmic and Karmic Paths.  Through Guided Light / Sound Meditations and Guru Darshan, Mafu explains for the western Seeker how to access and integrate the Joy-filled, Empowered Spirit Self into the human journey.

"I have never gone anywhere. I sat one moment and Saw Myself for the Truth of my Nature to gain My Enlightenment, and from My Enlightenment I further Touched what I Am. Not in Tibet, not at the Ashram, nowhere but the Heart will You Realize the Truth.  And in the Truth You will be Forever Liberated.  And then You will Walk as I Walk."     ~ Mafu

Series IV - The Spirit of Possibility: I Am  (13 weeks)

"A Master who seeks Enlightenment is a Master who has no pre-requisite on the Soul to
experience anything other than the highest form of life.  A Master who seeks Enlightenment is a Master who gives full out affirmation, permission, to exist within any moment, at any duality, within any excursion of God without requiring itself to explain itself for the Journey.  And during the Journey, a Master never requires exploration of the Journey but to Be in it."  ~ Mafu

With Absolute Focus on what is Right with Us as a Vehicle for Our Own Peace, Empowerment, Self Love and Self Acceptance, Mafu Guides powerful Meditations and instructs transformative techniques, no matter what our karmas dictate for us, to transmute any suffering or difficulty, bringing Everything to Center so it may be resolved where there is only Peace.

Homestudy Membership
Thank you for joining with many other disciples of GuruDev and Spiritualists receiving His Wisdom, Laughter, Love and Inspiration and Divine Grace through the Online Home Study Program.

As a member of the Online Home Study Program with Mafu, you will have the opportunity to watch a different Darshan every week downloaded via the internet in excellent digital quality at a time of your choice on both Mac and Windows computers.  Each week's selected darshan may be reviewed as many times as you like during its week of availability.

52 Mafu Darshan Videos, 1 per week
View in your home streamed via the Internet
Watch as many times as you like on your own       schedule
This tremendous opportunity allows each of Mafu's students to join with him in Darshan, to meditate with him, to study the Master's wisdom and to be filled with the Guru's grace in his shakti, at the click of a button.

We offer our deepest pranyams and greatest heart to our Beloved Master, and His Beloved Daughter, our Cherished Swami Paramananda Saraswati, for this incredible Gift of Love. May each step we walk on our Path toward Self Love be our return to You, Mafu. May our Union with You, GuruDev, Bring Fulfillment for All Mankind Now and Forever!

Mafu Online Home Study Program - Tuition Schedule
You can sign up on an annual, semi-annual, monthly or weekly basis.  To sign up, please call the Foundation office or use the form on the "Contact Us" page to e-mail the office.

 Annual Subscription:    $449.00 (please pay in full by June 23)
 Annual Subscription:    $499.00 (please pay in full by July 23)
 Annual Subscription:    $579.00 (tuition after July 23)
6 Month Subscription:   $349.00  
Monthly Subscription:    $75.00
Weekly  Subscription:   $25.00