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The Foundation for Meditative Studies is pleased
to announce the 18th year of Guru Dev Isa Mafu's Online Home Study Program
beginning on June 22, 2021 in honor of Mafu's 35th Anniversary

‘The Living Book of Enlightenment / Manifest Destiny’ Course of Study
52 Week Series of Remarkable Darshans

" What piece of eternity does your manifest mind dream to hold? The mind for which You have made up your Heaven, for which You have learned of your hells in this life.  Your Joys, your paranoia’s, your angst, your Happiness.  In this manifest belief structure You live, not one of You is alike.  No one here in this Temple, indeed on your computers, considers for a moment the exact same understanding that You have conjured up from the making before You were born in this world, and the last world and the worlds before that, indeed before You even became a separate entity.

But let us speak of now, for now is where you sit with Me.  What Soul of Souls breathes into You, that You can select to live or die today, and You select life?  Within a moment of yesterday You Exist.  Within a moment of tomorrow You Exist.  What do You believe is true? 

For I tell You, as You walk, indeed as You sit here, beside You, whispering in your ear is a One who calls to You.  Not from a grave, but from a Light and they are learning there.  For like most, indeed all but few, they are not ready to reincarnate.  Neither did they see the Light Forever but the Light incarnate.  Just as You see it right now, in You, as You, in You, as the human that is sitting next to You.  Breathe.

...these are the Great Teachings of the Highest Lamas and I have extended to You this Knowledge, in your words of English, so You can understand them but with the Power imbibed as those who have returned to You as Tulkus.
I Love You.  So Be It!
Sri Guru Dev Isa Mafu

Series I - Peaceful Prosperity and the Application of Self Approval
                 Using the Law of Attraction  (13 weeks)

"I Am teaching You the Laws Of The Universe, and I will for the next few years and we will Practice together, but I have come for your Awakening!  I have come for your Enlightenment!  I have come for You to Remember!  But I want your Health!  Your Youth!  Your Health!  Your Strength!  I want You Abundant and Financially Stable!"   ~ Mafu

In this extraordinary first series, Mafu empowers us with teachings and understandings of our inner mind belief systems and explains the Universal Laws of Conviction, Forgiveness, Self Approval and Attraction and how to apply these Laws successfully in our daily lives.  In dialoguing the principles and properties of Success Consciousness, Mafu explains the importance of letting go of negative thought and embracing the understanding of the Power of the mind.

Series II - Manifest Destiny: The Vibration of Health, Wealth and
                  Awakening  (13 weeks)

"I will Meditate now and elevate every cell of my being easily, constantly to Financial Prosperity.  And the Universe changes accordingly to my Conviction Right Now to Attract to myself from the future and from the past, my Financial Prosperity and Stability.  Easily and Constantly I Meditate Right Now every cell of my body.  I am Worthy of Financial Stability, this makes me Happy.  Happiness makes me Healthy, I am committed to this.  My Financial Stability means the Financial Stability of country, of the world, and this makes me Happy, I am committed to this.  Happiness makes me Peaceful.  I am committed to the Peace of the World, this makes me Happy.  I am committed to my Financial Prosperity right now.  I Am Worthy of this."   ~ Mafu

In this powerful second series of meditations and teachings, Mafu focuses on the all pervasive power of the Universal Laws.  Explaining the science of changing our inner beliefs toward Success Consciousness, Mafu uses imagery with sound/light meditation, breathing techniques with the application of guided visualizations to imbibe and understand the stringlet theory.  Mafu shares an in-depth understanding and application in using the Universal Laws of Forgiveness, Self Approval, Conviction, Attraction, and Gratitude, and how we bring forth and manifest our desired goals and dreams.  These motivational and practical Darshans with Mafu provide applications and skills to enter into right alignment and right action for living our lives as we intend them to be as prosperous in Body, Mind and Spirit.  Showing us how we engage our unconscious and Conscious minds to bring them into full activation, Mafu shares how we embolden the qualities of Compassion, Peace, Happiness and Joy as well as those of the Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Spirit as a way of living!

Series III - Consciousness: The Dimension of Illumination   (13 weeks)

"The True Seeker of the Self Transcends the Cosmic Awareness, moving through itself and all it has ever been and will ever be, into the Supreme Self, the Brahma.  This is the great rapturous Joy of Realization of Awareness.  Through this then there is Absolute Awareness of a moment of a Breath of Love.  A glimpse of Peace.  Then this Love, this Peace, is to be taken and placed in every cell of your body, In every feeling of your heart, every thought of your mind to be held to the candlelight of Love.  And when the glow of the flame of Love is placed next to any feeling, any thought, we say this Light is Brilliant, Shining Golden, Silver, White Light.  Warm and rich the Illumination of the Self is.  And when exploring the fate of your mind and the fate of your heart and the fate of your body, place it beside the Light of the Guru for all but the Self will remain.  Everything will fall away and the Self will Emerge."    ~ Mafu

In this series of meditation and discourses focused on the Science and Art of walking a Path of Self Realization, Mafu dialogues the prophecy of the Golden Age of Superconsciousness and the Path of Spiritual Evolution and how the Conscious mind blends with the Subconscious Mind to become the Superconscious Mind of Awareness.  Mafu guides Powerful Light and Sound Imagery Meditations to bring forth our Higher States of Consciousness for Peace and Prosperity in our every day lives.

Series IV - Manifest Destiny: Power and Success in Business  (13 weeks)

"Look at what you Want!  See Yourself as what You Want in Meditation.  Feel Yourself as what You Want in Meditation.  By using Meditation with Right Direction we become the Desired Existence of Manifest Destiny...

Kindness moves from me and comes to me Easily, Constantly, Unexpectedly, Abundantly and Always!  Compassion, Peace, Happiness and Joy comes from me, as me and returns to me Easily, Constantly, Unexpectedly, Abundantly and Always...

These are the Powerful Influences whose qualities affect the whole of Existence and Come to Us from the Highest Realms of Divinity.  Therefore, these qualities of the Highest Realms of Divinity cause us to become Invincible and Powerful in All that we do.  Therefore, the Mind is the Power and as we Harness the Mind, and return our mind to its Natural State of Invincibility, we become Successful at All we Endeavor to Accomplish.  This then is called Successful, Invincible Manifest Destiny."   ~ Mafu

In this dynamic series with Mafu, we learn how to attract the Magic of Life by invoking now the Power of Attraction by Approving of Yourself and bringing through us the Power of I AM as we Will ourselves to be!  Mafu explains the importance of cleansing our minds and creating mental clarity and invoking our positive receptors and making new ones where we need them to be.  Mafu invites us to take the time to practice these Universal Laws and experience our lives grow easily and constantly as we continue to declare our passion for our Way on this planet with Mafu, and invest ourselves in this great mission to bring Meditation and Manifest Destiny to all, and live in the daily practice of this great Truth.  So Be It!

Homestudy Membership
Thank you for joining with many of Guru Dev's disciples and Spiritualists receiving His Wisdom, Laughter, Love and Inspiration and Divine Grace through the Online Home Study Program.

As a member of the Online Home Study Program with Mafu, you will have the opportunity to watch a different Darshan every week streamed via the internet at a time of your choice available on both Mac and Windows and mobile operating systems.  Each week's selected darshan may be reviewed as many times as you like during its week of availability.

52 Mafu Darshan Videos, 1 per week
View in your home streamed via the Internet
Watch as many times as you like on your own       schedule
This tremendous opportunity allows each of Mafu's students to join with him in Darshan, to meditate with him, to study the Master's wisdom and to be filled with the Guru's grace in his shakti, at the click of a button.

We offer our deepest pranyams and greatest heart to our Beloved Master, and His Beloved Daughter, our Cherished Swami Paramananda Saraswati, Ammaji, for this incredible Gift of Love.  May each step we walk on our Path toward Self Love be our return to You, Mafu. May our Union with You, GuruDev, Bring Fulfillment for All Mankind Now and Forever!

Mafu Online Home Study Program - Tuition Schedule
You can sign up on an annual, semi-annual, monthly or weekly basis.  To sign up, please call the Foundation office or use the form on the "Contact Us" page to e-mail the office.

 Annual Subscription:    $525.00 (please pay in full by June 30)
 Annual Subscription:    $599.00 (please pay in full by July 30)
 Annual Subscription:    $649.00 (tuition after July 30)
6 Month Subscription:    $399.00  
Monthly Subscription:    $80.00
Weekly  Subscription:    $25.00