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The Foundation for Meditative Studies is pleased
to announce the 15th year of Guru Dev Isa Mafu's Online Home Study Program
beginning on Mafu's 32nd Anniversary - June 19, 2018.

This year we are presenting a four-part series over the course of 52 weeks in the ongoing study of this Path of Self realization with our beloved Guru. The description of each series follows:

Series I - Truth Particum: The Journey Home  (13 weeks)

"Feel You for no other reason than to Feel You for this is Self Love.  To touch this One.  Who is this One that prays for Peace.  You Are, You Are.  I know who You Are.  I Remember You.  I Know You.  Everything that You Are I Am, We are One.  And this Truth that We Are One is not only predictable it is dependable.  For Truth is Truth.  And all that is duality becomes Consumed in the One."   ~ Mafu

In this profound series of discourses focused on the Science and Art of walking a Path of Self Realization (Atman Consciousness), Mafu dialogues the prophesy of the Golden Age of Superconsciousness as it dawns in the Awareness of Humanity. Mafu speaks of the Path of Evolution and Unfoldment as the Conscious mind blends with the Subconscious Mind to become absorbed As the Superconscious Mind of Awareness.  Mafu guides Powerful Light and Sound Imagery Meditations to allow the Higher States of Consciousness to be associated and integrated into Peace and Prosperity in our daily human lives.

Series I - Titles

     1)    Machu Picchu: The Journey Home (Special Edition)
     2)    Truth Particum Into the Atom I Am
     3)    The Dream to Know the Self
     4)    The Age of Enlightenment Approach to Realization
     5)    Live Dangerously
     6)    Calling Forth the Golden Age of Light
     7)    Look Only for Beauty
     8)    Dimensional Vibrational Frequency Color Coding
     9)    The Courage to Love Through Fear
   10)    Story of Enlightenment: The Zen of Life
   11)    The Human Mind as a Window Into the Soul
   12)    The Merging of the Spirit and the Mind
   13)    The Awakening Human Initiation of Angels

Series II - The Awareness Breath: Fixity, Prana, Meditation  (13 weeks)

"You have never been born.  You have never died.  One Breath constantly, the Atman breathing in experiences itself as Deity.  The Atman breathing out expresses itself as Time and Space.  This is called the Marriage, the Union of the Lover and the Beloved One, of Siva and Shakti, of all things in movement and birth and death and change.  These are the Paths of Chakric Consciousness.  They are called the 'Guna', the Paths of Movement, the Path of beginning thought, and thought as it moves into Itself, and thought as it transforms from all it has gained from its own movement of Itself.  Sattva, Rajas, Tamas."   ~ Mafu

This series is focused on harmony and balance found in the Breath of Awareness. Mafu teaches Ancient secrets of the Ida and Pingala nervous system, the Astral body, the Central Channel/Sushumna and the Passage of Kundalini Power as it relates to the essential principles of Fixity, Prana/Apana Pranayama Breathing and Transcendent Meditation.  This Series is a wonderful study of the Ancient teachings of the Vedas and of our Path's many Spiritual forms.

"You have never been born.  Each time you are breathing cause your Breath to become like liquid and cause your Breath to become All that Is.  The vision of My body is coming from inside your Breath.  The sound of My voice is coming from inside your Breath.  All things emanate from inside your Breath."   ~ Mafu

Series III - The Rainbow Light of Peace Healing Meditation Series 
                   (13 weeks)

"Then You can journey the Universes, the Dimensions.  You can surpass death and embrace only life.  Then You will have these things you want. You must Pray every day, 'God send to me what I Love...'  Every day after You Pray You must become convinced it has been sent to You.  And You must go and look for it."    ~ Mafu

In this series of mystical Meditations, Mafu dialogues and initiates Third Eye and 'Royal Road' Consciousness techniques and shares understandings of worlds beyond this world while enhancing our Perception and Awareness through guided Visualizations, Chant, and Light and Sound Transcendent and Buddha Mind Consciousness Meditations.

Series IV - Gratitude, Self Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace, Happiness
                   and Joy  (13 weeks)

"If You understood what is Right with You, if You would take the time to build the Foundation of Your Spiritual Belief on what is Right and what is wonderful with You and what is Magnificent with You, then no matter the pain, You could come upon it and bring Joy.  Then You are a Christ, then You have Enlightenment."   ~ Mafu

Balance and Commitment to Living in Happiness is the focus for this Home Study Series for the Seeking Spiritualist.  Mafu explains the many ways and importance of choosing Peace, Joy, and Happiness in our daily lives.  In this Series, Mafu guides a series of Meditations and Teachings, providing the tools and techniques and Wisdom of the Universal Laws of Forgiveness, Self Approval, Conviction, Attraction, and Gratitude and Momentum to Manifest and Create our greatest Dreams.  Mafu also explains how to be a happy and successful parent, working with the reactionary mind and dialogues maintaining the balance of living in the world while walking the Path of Self Realization.

Homestudy Membership
Thank you for joining with many other disciples of GuruDev and Spiritualists receiving His Wisdom, Laughter, Love and Inspiration and Divine Grace through the Online Home Study Program.

As a member of the Online Home Study Program with Mafu, you will have the opportunity to watch a different Darshan every week streamed via the internet at a time of your choice available on both Mac and Windows operating systems.  Each week's selected darshan may be reviewed as many times as you like during its week of availability.

52 Mafu Darshan Videos, 1 per week
View in your home streamed via the Internet
Watch as many times as you like on your own       schedule
This tremendous opportunity allows each of Mafu's students to join with him in Darshan, to meditate with him, to study the Master's wisdom and to be filled with the Guru's grace in his shakti, at the click of a button.

We offer our deepest pranyams and greatest heart to our Beloved Master, and His Beloved Daughter, our Cherished Swami Paramananda Saraswati, Ammaji, for this incredible Gift of Love.  May each step we walk on our Path toward Self Love be our return to You, Mafu. May our Union with You, GuruDev, Bring Fulfillment for All Mankind Now and Forever!

Mafu Online Home Study Program - Tuition Schedule
You can sign up on an annual, semi-annual, monthly or weekly basis.  To sign up, please call the Foundation office or use the form on the "Contact Us" page to e-mail the office.

 Annual Subscription:    $499.00 (please pay in full by June 18)
 Annual Subscription:    $549.00 (please pay in full by July 18)
 Annual Subscription:    $599.00 (tuition after July 18)
6 Month Subscription:   $349.00  
Monthly Subscription:    $75.00
Weekly  Subscription:   $25.00