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The Foundation for Meditative Studies is pleased
to announce the 16th year of Guru Dev Isa Mafu's Online Home Study Program
beginning on June 25, 2019 in honor Mafu's 33nd Anniversary

This year we are presenting a four-part series over the course of 52 weeks in the ongoing study of this Path of Self realization with our beloved Guru. The description of each series follows:

Series I - Meditation: The Path of Siva  (13 weeks)

"Vedic Wisdom is the basic practical understanding of the manifest, the gross, the material, the phenomenal world, third dimensional, here I am sitting in a body on a chair, sort of a world.  It is the understanding of that world in an unmanifest or subtle or lighter vibratory frequency cognition.  It is the place of Sound and Light and Pure Love, Pure Thought where it is that God Creates the essence of the reality to unfold in the human incarnate journey."   ~ Mafu

We are very happy to offer this comprehensive series of Teachings, Meditations and Initiations with Sri Guru Dev Isa Mafu where He dialogues to Know the ‘Spirit Self’, is to understand the simplicity and grandeur of the nature of Spirit as found in its many and profound aspects.  Mafu expands on the Principles of walking a Path of Self Realization with the ultimate goal of the Realization of Maha Atman, the Great Self.  In the tradition of the Ancient Vedas, Mafu translates these ancient Truths for the western seeker to apply and guides profound Transcendent Meditations and initiates advanced techniques for those seeking to Attain the Harmony of Peace, Compassion, Abundance, and Prosperity.

Series I - Titles

     1)    The Path of Siva
     2)    Revealing Superconsciousness Through Meditation
     3)    Turning the Invisible Into the Visible Using the Law of Attraction
     4)    The Human Mind as a Window Into the Soul
     5)    The Original Breath
     6)    The Purpose of Man, Meditation - Part 1
     7)    The Purpose of Man, Meditation - Part 2
     8)    Awakening Consciousness Beyond the Body Meditation
     9)    The Breath of Peace
   10)    The Fountain of the Blossoming Lotus
   11)    The Emerald Green Heart Chakra Meditation
   12)    The Secret of Dimensional Perception
   13)    The Law of Self Approval

Series II - The Mind is the Power  (13 weeks)

"You have never been born.  To Conquer the Mind, you must Practice! To be skilled in Mind Mastery, you must Practice!  Practice is easy and wonderful!  To Practice, you must be willing to learn.  Be willing to consistently practice!  Relax.  Realize that it is the Unconscious Mind that has Absolute affect on your life, in your life, as your life!  Therefore, what you Believe and are Convinced of subconsciously completely affects your life and your behavior!  Change your subconscious mind and you will Change your Life Forever!  Accept that entering into your subconscious mind is Easy and Comfortable!  Accept that when you are inside the subconscious mind you must be diligent and One Pointed, Clear and Exact!  Keep remembering that God Wants You to Be Happy!  God Wants You to Be Healthy!  God Wants you to be Prosperous!  God Wants you to be Spiritually Awakened/Enlightened!."   ~ Mafu

In this series of Darshans, Mafu asks us to explore the profundity of our human Conviction and Will, teaching us how to magnetize our passion and focus using the Power of the Transcendent Buddha Mind for Manifestation and Self Empowerment.

Series III - Satyam Nadam: The Temple of the Heart   (13 weeks)

"The beginning curiosities is the first Revelation.  It brings the mind to become focused.  This is what begins to cause You to be Aware of what makes You Happy.  Understanding that the material world with its beautiful Manifest is only Light because the Self gazes upon it like the Sun to the Moon.  That is why Happiness can be found anywhere in anything.  You Are the One gazing upon it.  You Are the Self, Atman, Param Atman.  You Are the Self.  Resolved to have Awareness of the Self is the second Revelation.  One who cannot be swayed no matter if that one is in the Yoga of workplace, the Yoga of being a householder, the Yoga of living in the Ashram of the Guru.  The second revelation is the blessing of Absolute One-Pointedness...  To find the Self - Satyam Nadam - in the Temple of the Heart and to Reveal that Self in All Things."    ~ Mafu

In this series, Mafu provides us with expanded Awareness in the relationship between the Spirit, the Soul and the Chakric Consciousness System as they affect and relate to our Dharmic and Karmic Paths.  Through Guided Light / Sound Meditations, Mafu demonstrates how to access and integrate the Joy-filled, Self Empowered journey of ‘Satyam Nadam’, the Temple of the Heart.

Series IV - The Unchangeable Center  (13 weeks)

"A Master who Seeks Enlightenment is a Master who has no pre-requisite on the Soul to experience anything other than the highest form of life.  A Master who Seeks Enlightenment is a Master who gives full out affirmation, permission, to exist within any moment, at any duality, within any excursion of God without requiring itself to explain itself for the Journey.  And during the Journey, a Master never requires exploration of the Journey but to Be in it."   ~ Mafu

This Series focuses on the Harmony found in the Balance of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spirit natures.  Mafu teaches to focus absolutely on what is Right with us as a Vehicle for our own Peace, Empowerment, Self Love and Self Acceptance, initiating Meditations and instructing transformative techniques to transmute any suffering or difficulty, bringing Everything to Center so it may be resolved in Harmony.

Homestudy Membership
Thank you for joining with many of Guru Dev's disciples and Spiritualists receiving His Wisdom, Laughter, Love and Inspiration and Divine Grace through the Online Home Study Program.

As a member of the Online Home Study Program with Mafu, you will have the opportunity to watch a different Darshan every week streamed via the internet at a time of your choice available on both Mac and Windows and mobile operating systems.  Each week's selected darshan may be reviewed as many times as you like during its week of availability.

52 Mafu Darshan Videos, 1 per week
View in your home streamed via the Internet
Watch as many times as you like on your own       schedule
This tremendous opportunity allows each of Mafu's students to join with him in Darshan, to meditate with him, to study the Master's wisdom and to be filled with the Guru's grace in his shakti, at the click of a button.

We offer our deepest pranyams and greatest heart to our Beloved Master, and His Beloved Daughter, our Cherished Swami Paramananda Saraswati, Ammaji, for this incredible Gift of Love.  May each step we walk on our Path toward Self Love be our return to You, Mafu. May our Union with You, GuruDev, Bring Fulfillment for All Mankind Now and Forever!

Mafu Online Home Study Program - Tuition Schedule
You can sign up on an annual, semi-annual, monthly or weekly basis.  To sign up, please call the Foundation office or use the form on the "Contact Us" page to e-mail the office.

 Annual Subscription:    $525.00 (please pay in full by June 30)
 Annual Subscription:    $599.00 (please pay in full by July 30)
 Annual Subscription:    $649.00 (tuition after July 30)
6 Month Subscription:    $399.00  
Monthly Subscription:    $80.00
Weekly  Subscription:    $25.00