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Mafu Darshan

 Week 14  (September 21-27,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 5/11/2008 52 min.
Triangulating the Secret Pyramid Sri Chakra
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"What is the First Law? Self Approval...  Forgiveness of Yourself, Forgiveness of All Others.  What do You so judge that can't possibly be Forgiven by those who Truly Love You."

In this very important Initiation into the Purpose and Properties of the Sri Chakra, Mafu explains how to use the Pyramid Light structure in conjunction with the Breath to Attain the Mystical Awareness of the Sri Chakra.  Mafu also guides a Powerful Technique and Meditation to Attain the Peace of Self Forgiveness through clearing the Chakric Body.

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