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Home Study Program - Year 16

Series IV Darshans
"The Unchangeable Center"
(13 weeks)

“A Master who Seeks Enlightenment is a Master who has no pre-requisite
on the Soul to experience anything other than the highest form of life.
A Master who Seeks Enlightenment is a Master who gives full out affirmation, permission, to exist within any moment, at any duality, within any excursion of God
without requiring itself to explain itself for the Journey.  And during the Journey,
a Master never requires exploration of the Journey but to Be in it.”  ~ Mafu

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 Week 40  (March 24-30,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 6/12/1999 80 min.
Into the Center of Stillness
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Each day a human is an earth walker.  Each night a human becomes a walker of the heavens wanting the memory, wanting the knowledge.  The memory of the stars cannot enter the mind of chaos.  The mind must be at Peace...  the mind becomes clear when it is given over to the centermost state of Your Existence."

In this Darshan Mafu explains how to transform disharmony into balance, happiness and joy by bringing everything to the Center.  Mafu then guides a meditation for Peace.

 Week 41  (March 31 - April 6,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 6/13/1999 80 min.
The Secret Gate of Life
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"This is the Seat of the Soul but the Gate of Life is the Soul’s Soul, it is the Seat in which the Soul can enter into its’ Spirit body or Astral body or Casual Body whilst still the human body is in sleep, is in a meditation, is in Sivasana.  It is a most important Gateway."

In this Darshan, Mafu expands our understanding of Chakric Consciousness and gives an initiation into the ancient "Secret Gate of Life".  He also gives a breath technique for clearing dense auric field energies by transmuting them into happiness and joy.

 Week 42  (April 7-13,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 3/4/1993 45 min.
Never Lose your Center
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"This is the purpose of the dialogues I have given to You.  It is not for you to suddenly speak to yourself that you must throw away your human life.  It is not that I have spoken to you not to meditate and throw away your divine life.  You must be capable of utilizing transcendent energies in the humanistic form if what you seek is the Power of Knowledge, or Enlightenment of Yourself, while here in these bodies, in this or any lifetime that you take."

In this darshan, Mafu provides an extraordinary understanding of the way of Enlightenment for Spiritualists to Awaken to their own Divinity.  Mafu explains the necessity to harness and explore the transcendent state to create the expression of Self joy.

 Week 43  (April 14-20,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 3/4/1993 60 min.
Compartmentalize Your Life
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Make your life yours and be personal and private with it.  Private it belongs to you.  Be personal and private with your life, with your body, with your business, with your relationships and be as simple as possible.  Recognize your limitations, see which ones you can expand, accept for now which ones you can not and be happy with that."

In this Darshan, Mafu provides a profound understanding of the principles of honor and integrity in relation to a Spiritualist seeking Joy, Love and Empowerment.  Mafu explains what it takes to become a great mystic, guiding us to create our lives in compartments and become completely present in each.

 Week 44  (April 21-27,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 2/28/2009 90 min.
Manifesting Abundance in the Three Temples of the Pyramid of White Light
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"What is your object of desire?  Let us say You have objects of desire for Joy, for Peace, for Spiritual Awakening, for Financial Abundance, for Great Health, for Great Companionship, for True Love."

Referencing Patanjeles teachings of the Knower and the Known, Mafu reveals ancient secrets of Manifestation through the use of Sound/Light sacred symbols.  Mafu gives an understanding of how to use our imagination with sound to access the Knower as it experiences the understanding of also being the Known.  Mafu guides a Sound/Light Guided Meditation to assist in this Awareness.

 Week 45  (April 28 - May 4,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 9/3/2012 68 min.
Paramatman: The Supreme Self
Ballina, Australia

"Give way to an internal dialogue that has no sounds using a magic carpet called Mantra or Sound.  Then we say you can pass through the veil of non-love or conditional love into Atman, Paramatman, The Supreme Self, the Highest You.  Higher than the Brahma, the One who Knows."

In this first ever Darshan from Dunes on Shelly Beach Retreat Center in Ballina, Australia, Mafu gives a powerful teaching on walking a Spiritual Path and living in Bhakti.  Mafu dialogues the essential Principles of Forgiveness, Self Love and Self Approval and guides a meditation technique for the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

 Week 46  (May 5-11,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 3/12/2006 60 min.
Centering the Mind on Peace
Ballina, Australia

"Unravel the knots that are found in your Chakras and allow the beaming of Love to become Greater and Greater."

Mafu tells an incredible story of a lifetime when he struggled to find Peace.  He then gives a 'Blue Pearl Meditation' to assist unblocking our Energy Pathways (Nadis) to provide Peace.

 Week 47  (May 12-18,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 11/18/2006 54 min.
The Secret of Manifestation - Part I
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You Are Good. You must change your mind and think for a moment how you got here.  Because this is fantastic, it is a phenomena for your world to end up tonight in My world, for us to come together through the body of my Oracle and through the body of yours."

In this inspirational dialogue, Mafu reveals the Secret and Purpose of Manifestation giving detailed techniques to create all that we desire to manifest in our lives.  Mafu guides a Meditation to identify what we want and fulfill that Vision in our human lives.

 Week 48  (May 19-25,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 12/3/2006 56 min.
The Secret of Manifestation - Part II
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"We start to learn by experience that we are not just our body and in that moment we can begin to choose Happiness.  We can begin to choose when we re-enter our body and come ‘All In’ that we are Happy and when we begin to choose 'I Am Happy' our Soul that has been in every lifetime we have ever been, our mind has changed, our brain has been different, our face has been different but our Soul, born with everything that will ever be and has ever been our Soul, this great computer hears this Command ‘I Am Happy’ and it begins to select what last made you Happy to occur again."

In this remarkable Darshan continuation on the Powers of Manifestation, Mafu gives focus, aphorisms and techniques for Self Empowerment in our Human lives.

 Week 49  (May 26 - June 1,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 6/27/2009 58 min.
Star Diamond Kundalini Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Think of a Star, a glowing orb in the sky...  Condensed Power.  I want you to know that this light enters you...  becomes what I Am."

In this powerful guided meditation initiation, Mafu chants ancient sounds of Enlightenment and guides a transcendent Kundalini Meditation for our prosperity of Health, Wealth and Awakening.

 Week 50  (June 2-8,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 4/3/1993 45 min.
The Ancient Art of Kundalini
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The Tantric Philosophy is the Inclusion of All Things to Be God.  That is the Definition of Tantra."

In this darshan, Mafu teaches the Power of Prana and the Principles of Tantric Philosophy as they relate to the rising of Kundalini Energy.  Mafu also guides a Powerful Kundalini drumming White Light Meditation to invoke Divine Consciousness and Awaken the Kundalini Power within each level of Chakric Awareness.

 Week 51  (June 9-15,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 5/22/2000 75 min.
The Balance of Happiness
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The Master speaks english right now to you but inside that sound is the Mantra of Truth causing Awakening.  When you try to walk away from the Master, somehow in a point of time you return because the Truth ignited seeks itself out...  everything in your life but your life is an accessory, everything.  'No its too complicated, its crazy you don’t understand.'  There is no Universe I do not understand, no single thought, no complex realization.  They reside in the fantasy, the dream.  I reside as the One, just like You."

In this very special daytime darshan, Mafu dialogues living life to the fullest by harnessing the power of the mind and successfully walking empowered in simplicity and balance.

 Week 52  (June 16-22,  2020)

Mafu Darshan 7/29/1990 50 min.
The Secret of Fire
Swami's Private Residence

"In Tibet there is a great mountain and there are four Paths to the core of a great hollow within this mountain.  This mountain, to which are sent the students of Great Masters of Tibet, and in the center of the hollow there is an Illumed Candle and it burns..."

In his quest to learn the Secret of Fire, Mafu tells the story of a lifetime when He ventured into the center hollow of a mountain in Tibet to become One with the element of fire.  In this extraordinary story of Passion and Devotion to the Path of Self Realization, Mafu asks us to look at how powerful is our quest to know.