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Home Study Program - Year 17

Series IV Darshans
"Sri Chakra: The Golden Pyramid of Peace"
(13 weeks)

“You are a Divine Mirror.  You are a Sweet one,
like a child who first is learning to walk.
Hold onto anything you can when you fall down on your little bottom.
Laugh like a baby laughs...  don’t worry about it and go forward.
You are good, You are good and even the dark ones,
they are just hiding behind the shadow.  You will penetrate all darkness.
One day You will see that.”  ~ Mafu

In this series of discourses focused on the Science and Art of walking a Path of Self Realization and the Consciousness of ‘Atman’, Mafu expands our understanding of the prophecy of the Golden Age of Superconsciousness and how the Conscious mind blends with the Subconscious Mind to become the Superconscious Mind of Awareness.  Mafu guides Powerful Light and Sound Imagery Meditations for the attainment of Higher States of Consciousness to create Healing, Peace and Prosperity in our daily human lives.

“I want to tell You a secret.  Karma changes with Awareness.
Yesterday’s karmas, however mangled and dismembered or simplistic they are,
will change for You with Awareness tonight, with Awareness tomorrow.
And so I want You to think and to write down and keep it private to yourself,
what is difficult, because others may judge You and that will make it more difficult
for You to redeem your good qualities.  There is this thing about karma.
In the great Heavens there is no karma.  And this is the great Leela,
this is the great game, the great play.  Ask yourself then,
“what is it that makes the difference between the Gods and Me?”
First of all, I will tell You, ‘You Are God’.
Secondly I will tell You, ‘Awareness’”  ~ Mafu

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 Week 40  (March 23-29,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 9/7/2007 85 min.
The Medicine of Love - Guided Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"‘I Am this Love, I Am what I Love and I am Happy’.  This begins good karma to have Self Respect.  Then you will give Dignity to your body and your body will become Healthy…"

In this darshan, Mafu explains how we can transmute the sufferings of the human world with the medicine of love and provides insight and guides visualizations and transcendent meditation for creating a happy human life.

 Week 41  (March 30 - April 5,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 9/19/2007 90 min.
Goddess Third Eye Meditation
Maui, Hawaii

"Everything changes, everything.  That is the great Purpose of Existence - to Become.  You must stand up and Become.  Each day you can create the new Intention of Yourself."

In this intimate darshan from Maui, Hawaii, Mafuguides a meditation invoking the outstretched arms of the Goddess.  Mafu gives a sweet teaching on the purpose and necessity for simplicity in pursuit of peace.

 Week 42  (April 6-12,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 10/12/2007 90 min.
Vibrate Your Mind to the Sound of Peace
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The Brush of Your Consciousness has many colors to what You Will and so you must practice Your Will every morning before you start your day.  'I Will receive my day easily and happily.  I Will make a difference in World Peace as I focus my mind that all humans, wicked and divine, obtain the next level of Generous Love.’"

In this Powerful teaching on creating Affluence and Prosperity of Health, Wealth and Spiritual Awakening, Mafu guides a Liberation Meditation and gives a number of tools and examples focusing on the Empowerment of Peace, Prosperity and Joy in all areas of our human lives.

 Week 43  (April 13-19,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 10/20/2007 69 min.
Sri Chakra Golden Pyramid of Peace Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Waiting for Enlightenment is very much like waiting for a glass of water.  You cannot have Enlightenment if you are not aware that you are already Enlightened…  Enlightenment means the Awareness of what You Are."

In this darshan, Mafu discourses the principles of karma, explaining principles of self examination in regard to peace and positive focusing of thoughts.  Mafu guides an in-depth meditation into the Golden Pyramid of Sri Yantra for the upliftment and acceleration of harmony and prosperity.

 Week 44  (April 20-26,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 11/10/2007 53 min.
The Mind is the Power - Spirit is the Source, Part 1
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The Mind is the Power.  The Spirit is the Source.  God is One and the Mind is the Power…  I am here to tell You, that You are Capable and Deserving.  Having wonderful, wonderful Meditations and wonderful, wonderful Longevity.  Wonderful, wonderful Health. Wonderful wonderful Prosperity in your money."

In this darshan, Mafu provides and in-depth understanding on the power of the mind, our intentions and the many earth changes happening on the planet during this transition into the Golden Age of Superconsciousness.

 Week 45  (April 27 - May 3,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 11/10/2007 49 min.
The Mind is the Power - Spirit is the Source, Part 2
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Visualize it in your body, As your body.  We say you have got to invest the time to do it because it took time for You to get there.  Take action on those changes and by taking actions, You will start to erase the past."

In this darshan, Mafu deepens our understanding of the power of the mind and our intentions and offers empowerments necessary to create an abundance of health, wealth and prosperity and to manifest what we Will.

 Week 46  (May 4-10,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 12/1/2007 75 min.
The Science of Spirit Triangulation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"To have your Self, you must approve of your Self"

In this darshan, Mafu describes atomic universal stringlet theory as it applies to the Universal Laws of Forgiveness and Self Approval. He then initiates a sacred meditation into the Golden White Pyramid of Siva, extending Golden white hands of Peace and Health to the World.

 Week 47  (February 9-15,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 12/2/2007 70 min.
Manifest Destiny Guided Meditation Initiation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Truth, Love, is intended to be given as much as it is intended to be received…  I Vibrate to the Sound of what I am Convicted to…"

In this darshan, Mafu explains how our transformation of inner beliefs and working with our subconscious mind creates Harmony, Happiness and Self Empowerment.  Mafu then initiates an electric, life-infusing Didgeridoo Meditation of Self Approval, melting away cellular memories that no longer serve us.

 Week 48  (May 18-24,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 12/31/2007 120 min.
Attune the Subconscious Mind to the Vibration of Success
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"I Vibrate and Attune myself to Joy. I Vibrate and Attune myself to Health.  Money comes to me Easily and Constantly.  Romance and Love for all that I live is within me easily and constantly.  May I have the Courage to be in the presence of all those who suffer and give Kindness.  Every time I Create within me I think of my mind.  I become Happier and Happier.  Every time I think of my thoughts of the world it becomes more and more obvious to me... Peace, Peace, Peace."

In this extraordinary Darshan, Mafu teaches Awareness of the vibration of Forgiveness as the key element in opening to the Law of Self Approval, the Power of the Subconscious Mind and guides a Powerful Meditation accessing the Subconscious Mind for the purpose of Healing and Success of Economic Stability, Health and Prosperity Consciousness.

 Week 49  (May 25-31,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 1/2/2008 60 min.
The Empowerment of the Law of Self Approval, Part 1
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"Are you going to choose Peace?  You have been given the Power through practice to have the Knowledge to Practice and this is what Creates within your reality the Recognition of Change that You Are Seeking to Experience."

In this dynamic dialogue on the Law of Self Approval, the Law of Attraction, the Law of Appreciation/Gratitude and the Law of Conviction, Mafu, through the use of examples, humor, and role modeling, teaches how to use our belief system with the Power of the Mind to Generate and Create exactly what we Will.  Mafu guides a Powerful Meditation with the drum and didgeridoo to affect the Subconscious Mind for the purpose of Self Empowerment.

 Week 50  (June 1-7,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 1/2/2008 60 min.
The Empowerment of the Law of Self Approval, Part 2
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"I am very excited because you are understanding that to have the power of the Law of Attraction be a conscious manifesting miraculous power, You accept that you have had it the entire time…  it wasn’t by accident that long before this lifetime Patanjali wrote down this law."

In this darshan, Mafu continues His inspirational discourse on the manifesting powers of the Universal Laws of Attraction, Gratitude, Conviction and Self approval.  Mafu then guides an absorptive meditation to the sound of digeridoo.

 Week 51  (June 8-14,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 1/16/2008 70 min.
Turning the Invisible Into the Visible Using the Law of Attraction
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"In the Law of Attraction You must employ the color of Self Approval.  In order to have Self Approval You must Forgive Yourself and You must Forgive all living beings."

In this very special Darshan for Manifesting Health, Wealth and Awakening, Mafu reveals the secret mysticism of the dollar sign in its relationship to Manifestation and Kundalini Power.  Mafu also guides a Powerful Meditation using the Ancient Knowledge of Sri Chakra for Manifesting Prosperity and Self Empowerment.

 Week 52  (June 15-21,  2021)

Mafu Darshan 1/18/2008 120 min.
The Conviction Phenomena
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"This is the very special tool in the Power of Conviction when we go into your inner belief and we envelop your mind with it through meditation, through Self meditation.  I want you to already be there.  I want you to already have it and so find a place just like you have this Temple or the internet at your desk where your computer is, or your television.  Maybe you’re on your floor, your chair, your bed, elevating above everything.  I want you to have that picture because you want to have that picture because that is how Conviction works."

In this profound discourse on the purpose and power of conviction, Mafu guides us using detailed imagery in the understanding and application of the Conviction phenomena to encourage us to create the empowerment and fulfillment of our greatest dreams.  Mafu also guides an empowered meditation using music, Mantra and sound imagery for Abundance, Health, Economic Prosperity and Spiritual Awakening.