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March Darshans
February Darshans

 Week 37  (February 26 - March 4,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 3/31/2007 60 min.
Golden Crown Light Manifesting Meditation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"It is said that each Soul in the body has so many Breaths.  The first Breath is the Breath of Consciousness and the last Breath is to come to the other side of the Veil."

In this Darshan and Meditation Initiation of the Ida/Pingala nervous system, Mafu Guides Breath through the Shushumna, opening the Crown Chakra to provide an Awareness and Experience of 'Maha Brahma'.

 Week 38  (March 5-11,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 2/21/2000 90 min.
Parallel Consciousness: The Mysteries of Life
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"There is a Calling that happens, and this Calling Speaks, 'Come, Come.'  And the One who watches, watches the Calling and the Called.  In Meditation, the Self, like a beautiful robe, adorns the human mind and Lights it into Revelation and the human mind surrenders to Itself."

Mafu expands upon the 'White Light Initiation' as He dialogues the Principles of the Mysteries of Life, the Purpose of our Path (to Love and to look for Love in every experience of Life) and the Purpose of Meditation and Awakening.  Mafu guides a Transcendent Mantra Meditation with a White Pyramid technique for Manifesting Abundance and Joy in our human lives.

 Week 39  (March 12-18,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 3/25/2007 75 min.
Maha Kala Bindu Third Eye Initiation
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"In Your Meditation You will find a feeling, no one else will be there.  You will feel the presence of Deities, You will feel the presence of Guru but You Are there and You Are Vast and You Are Space.  The prison of time no longer can hold You.  This is called Liberation.  This is called Maha Samadhi."

In this darshan, Mafu dialogues the principles of the Vedas as they can be practiced by a Western Spiritual Seeker.  He then guides a Peace Meditation, causing the opening of the Third Eye and the Golden Lotus of the Crown Chakra.

Series IV - Gratitude, Self Forgiveness, Compassion, Peace, Happiness
                   and Joy (13 weeks)


 Week 40  (March 19-25,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 1/3/1994 37 min.
The Story of the Old Man and Young Boy
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"You Are My Most Benevolent Beautiful Father and My Most Divine Holy Mother. You Are the only Way, there is of all the religions in the world, yours is the only True One. You Are the only Path You will ever be able to walk Happily. You Are the only Light in the distance to receive You and once received by You, your friends, like Me, on the other side can join You. I Am so very pleased with the level of the Guru here, the Power to embrace the Truth You have given to yourself."

In this Darhsn, Mafu tells a funny story of His teaching from an old man He studied with. The teaching is about the joining between Guru and Disciple only to let go to allow the Divine relationship.

 Week 41  (March 26 - April 1,  2019)

Mafu Darshan 3/8/2008 70 min.
Cleanse the Center of Each Chakra with Truth
Paramatman Dharma Ashram

"The Ego is squeezed out of You and the Purest Self begins to rotate Inside You as You and outside you. Did You see I drew like an egg, this is called Aura."

In this Powerful Meditation Initiation into the Laws of the Universe, Mafu teaches us to move the Consciousness into the Center of each Chakra and cleanse from the center out. Mafu guides a powerful Meditation Initiation Magnetizing Health, Wealth and Awakening into the Center of each Chakra.